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¿Quieres unirte al directorio profesional interactivo? 

¿Quieres renovar tu listado en el directorio?

     $ 50  por 12 meses

     $ 50  por 12 meses

¿Quieres pagar por un aviso en primera página (Fullpágina) ? 

¿Quieres renovar tu aviso en la  primera página?

     $ 100  por 12 meses

     $ 100  por 12 meses

¿Quieres pagar por un aviso en primera página (1/2página)? 

     $ 50  por 12 meses

Una vez efectuado el pago, conserva el recibo digital de pay pal

Si tienes alguna pregunta o problema efectuando el pago, envía un correo a

Aviso de full página

100 dólares por 

12 meses.


Ver ejemplos en primera página.

Aviso de 1/2 página

50 dólares por 

12 meses.


Ver ejemplos en primera página.

Información  requerida para tu registro al directorio.

Information requiered to get in on our directory.

Please follow the instructions.

Directory fee is $ 50 / 12 Months / per business.


Please fill and return.

Business Name:


TEL:(000) 400-000




License #

Any business social media. (no personal pages only business pages please)

• Logo high quality (We accept this formats JPG, PNG.   (No PDF)

• Small Picture

• Links to any social media.( Some business required a license # By law) please include yours. 

For a front page ad , please send:

Business Name:

A high quality logo.  We accept this formats JPG, PNG.  (No PDF)

Any picture you want included.

“you must have the rights of the image.”

​If you don’t have a flyer we could make one for you.

at no charge, for the "first time". (A graphic designer is suggested for a complex ads)
Please send all information as you want it, to

​The text will be added, you are responsible for the proofing.

Our business hours are from 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM. Monday - Friday.


"All our work is done by volunteers and their valuable time."


Front ads are $ 100 dollars for a full page. For 12 months. 

Front page ads $ 50 dollars for ½ page. For 12 months.

Directory entries and affiliation are $ 50 dollars per business.

A Month is added to your directory box, so you know when your affiliation date is due.

We give members a few weeks, so they have a chance to renew. Then we proceed to

take your ad down. 

If your membership  expired and we are in the process to post a video promo, you

might be left out until the next campaign. These videos are very complex and time


Thank you.

For Advertising, social media and marketing Dept Colombian Chamber.

please write to: 

"All our communications are handle by email"

IF your ad expired and we did not hear from you. Please fill up the info required. And send it to: